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We received this picture and ghost hunting game from Fred Allard.  He took a Google Earth image of the
location in his following story.  Can you figure out the location from the clues he has given us?  
The answer is
here when you give up.  Go to the enlarged image for more clues:
google earth ghost picture
"Attached is my ghost photo.   Credit for taking the picture is
not mine since I found it while searching on Google Earth.  I
have covered up the co-ordinates, but have left enough
information from Google for you to have a little fun by
attempting to locate my ghost using
Google.  Be sure to use
the hints that I have left in my story below plus any
tools.   Here's the story:  Back in the 50's while visiting my
grand parents my cousins and I liked to hang around a
popular North Carolina sea side boardwalk. Whenever we
rode the ferris wheel and the ocean was at low tide we could
see a little bit of the remains of a sunken ship a few hundred
yards off shore.  My cousins told me that it was the remains
of a Civil War ship but I didn't believe them until I verified the
info at a nearby museum.  Apparently there had been a Civil
War Fort a few miles down the road.   Last night while playing
around with Google Earth I found the seaside Boardwalk,
looked around for awhile and then moved out to sea.  I
wondered if there might possibly be a shadow or
discoloration of the water where the ship wreck was located.   
 It wasn't long before I found my ghost and I'm sure he is one
of the crew from the long lost ship;  what do you think?

Note:  I downloaded the picture onto my computer from
Google Earth and then edited it in order to block out the
co-ordinates.  Now it's up to you to go into Google Earth and
find the Ghost for yourself using the hints I've left above and
in the photo."
Close-up of
the ghost face.
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