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We received this picture and ghost hunting game from Fred Allard.  He took a Google Earth image of the
location in his following story.  Can you figure out the location from the clues he has given us?  The answer is
here when you give up:
google earth ghost picture
"Using Google  Earth find the beach resort community of
Carolina Beach North Carolina.   Locate the east/west street
of Cape Fear Blvd (you will have to put a check next to
ROADS in the left side of your Google Earth screen under
LAYERS).  Follow this road to the beach.  This is the
approximate location of the Ferris Wheel where I first saw the
remains of the sunken ship.  Remember, this was back in
1954 so the Ferris Wheel and other rides are no longer
there.  You will find a boardwalk close to the sand.   Using the
Google Earth Ruler place a dot on the boardwalk and move
your cursor out to sea in an exact easterly direction for 650
yards and place another dot.  You can now zoom in slowly to
find my Ghost.  It is very visible at a zoom level (eye altitude -
lower right of screen) of approximately 330 feet.   If all fails
then go to Latitude   34° 1'58.60"N   Longitude  
77°53'7.98"W "
Close-up of
the ghost face.
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