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If you are a paranormal investigator,
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We are in no way connected with the following organizations or are we endorsing them.  However, we feel it necessary to try and provide a list of investigators to assist those with
ghost problems.  The following is a list of paranormal investigators in foreign countries:

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Paranormal Investigators in Other Countries

Canada Paranormal Investigators
Trent Hill Ghost Seekers
 - Ontario paranormal investigators collecting proof of life after death...

Saulte Ste Marie Paranormal Research Group - Ontario ghost investigation group; member of PsiCan.

Germany Paranormal Investigators
CEPI - Central European Paranormal Investigators based in Bavaria, Germany.

PIN - Paranormales in Niedersachsen.

Paranormal Nord - Hamburg, Germany Paranormal Investigators.

GhostWatchers - Netzwerk Paranormaler Investigatoren.

Paranormal Sud - Der Horizont ist nicht das ende...

Holland Paranormal Investigators
Haunted Holland - a new paranormal investigation group...a little team, but we are growing.

India Paranormal Investigators
Ministry of Supernatural Research - First paranormal organization in India.

Indian Paranormal Society - Non-profit organization researching paranormal phenomena through scientific research.

Paranormal Research Society of India- Not-for-profit paranormal help for those experience haunting.

Ireland Paranormal Investigators
Leinster Paranormal - Investigations, plus technical information and forum website.

United Kingdom Paranormal Investigators
Ghost Hunter Extraordinaire - a paranormal investigation team based in Essex in the South East of England.

Compass Paranormal
Pay to join one of their real, paranormal investigations and get more for your money than a ghost tour!

Alpha Paranormal Investigations - an experienced, open-minded, objective and honest paranormal investigating team in East Sussex, UK.

Northern Ghost Investigations - a Northeast England paranormal investigation group.

Project Reveal  - we do paranormal research in Yorkshire / Rotherham, UK.

Teesside Research Into Paranormal Activity - (T.R.I.P.A. U.K.) - North East England  research &
investigation team.

The Isle of Wight Ghost Hunters - Assisting those who are experiencing paranormal activity for no charge.

Leicestershire Paranormal Research Association (LPRA) - Dedicated to the scientific study of anomalous phenomen.  Based in the Midlands, UK.

UK Northamptonshire Ghost Detective- Investigating and writing about the paranormal for 15 years.

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More Good Ghostly Help...

Ghost Investigators
Listing of different ghost
investigators in the U.S.

LIFE Foundation
Help with hauntings as a source for paranormal investigators.

The Spirit Society
Paranormal community to
form partnerships with
paranormal investigators and
provide assistance with

North America Ghosthunters
Located in West Virginia, our
teams are made up by other  
highly trained individuals  
located across the United

East Coast Hauntings
Investigating North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania!

What are Paranormal Investigators?
Paranormal Investigators are local groups (sometimes with National or even International affiliations) who are typically devoted to investigating reports of hauntings, in an attempt to determine what is going on in a location.  Paranormal Investigators will typically use different types of equipment to try and capture evidence of the haunting, such as EVP, photo and video imagery.

The experience, equipment, as well as technical know-how will vary from each group of Paranormal Investigators, often times due to the time it takes to accumulate understanding and monies needed to be able to provide a thorough investigation.  Be sure and check into the background of your local Paranormal Investigation group, and never pay money for what should be a free service.  This field is full of novices, but good ghost investigators of the paranormal are out there.


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