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Real Ghosts - Real Pictures                                                                                 2010 Q4
Real ghosts' pictures are not easy to come by, especially not the really good images that blow
a person away. But if you keep your eyes open, paying close attention to the pictures people
take, sometimes a person can get lucky and find a great ghost picture.
Looking for Ghosts' Pictures
Each month we receive plenty of photographic
submissions from people around the world. As
we review each of the ghost picture
submissions, it is necessary to sort through the
faked, the questionable and the interesting in
order to try and find really good ghost pictures
to display on
Angels & Ghosts. If you have a
great ghost photograph, please send it in. If we
like it enough to post it, your website will be
credited and a link place to its web address.
Yes, we are looking for more ghosts' pictures!
As a special treat this month (which happens to be October 2010), we are including some of
what we call "
Halloween Ghost Photos & Photographs." Now, we know that they are not
actually ghost pictures, but they are creepy, eerie vintage photographs that are downright
fascinating. Take a look at some old costumes and lengthened exposure camera tricks that
will get you in the mood for the 31st. Simply, select the image or text below to view the larger
version of each ghost picture, reading more about the ghosts and experiences!
Perkins Ghost on Stairs Picture Perkins Mansion Ghost Picture - Oil Painting Portrait
Wreck Ghost Picture - Ghost in Car? Seance Ghost Picture: Face
Perkins Ghost on Stairs          Perkins Mansion Ghost             Wreck Ghost Picture                 Seance Face Ghost Pic
Real Ghost in Kitchen Picture?
Help with Haunting: Helping Ghosts! Panda Hotel Peep Hole Ghost Picture
Panda Hotel Ghost Picture        Ghost in Kitchen Photo?
Halloween Ghost Photos Halloween Ghost Photographs
Happy Halloween!
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Halloween Ghost Pictures

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