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Various videos from around the world as collected by  
  Angels & Ghosts .

Each ghost video has its own page.  We chose to share some videos from around the world on this page, for the purpose of letting people know that the belief in ghosts are found within all cultures, though in varying degrees.

We also included the latest controversy regarding SciFi's TAPS Ghost Hunters.

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World Ghost Videos
France Ghost Video  
A shadow man is captured in film.  Video explains...

Spain Ghost Video

Creepy, little freaky ghost video to scare people...

Mexico Ghost Video
A man who walks by the door is not in the room.

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More World Ghost  Vids
Parking Garage Ghost Vid
Popular Far East ghost video is probably just a good fake.

Indonesia Ghost Video
Are those apparitions appearing in the doorway?

Japanese Train Ghost Vid
Lady has no idea what appears in a window behind.

Japanese Ghost Video
Cool ghost video of an apparition needs a re-look!
TAPS Faking Stuff?
TAPS Fraud Video

Popular YouTube video points out some interesting bloopers by TAPS Ghost Hunters.

Collar Yank Video      
A closer examination of the coat being pulled.  Is it a fake?  You decide...

Coat Yank ReCreation Two ladies rig a coat similary to the TAPS hood-yanking evidence.  
Looks easy to do! 

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