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Ghost Pictures - Second Quarter of 2009
This is page two of ghost
we have received
recently from our visitors.

Each ghost picture has its own
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Ghost Pictures                                    [Q2 '09 - P2 Submissions from our Viewers]

Old Church Steeple Ghost Picture
Roxanne captures a ghostly blue light anomaly in the steeple of an old church.  
Is it a ghost or something else?  Take a peek at this interesting ghost photo.

Light Ghost Thing Picture
Yes, it says "ghost thing."  That's the title that Jet gives this streak of blue light
that his new camera caught in front of him.  Ghosts?  

Mansfield Texas Ghost Picture
Where did this man come from in the background?  Kelly doesn't know, but her
ghost photograph is still fascinating...

Bedroom Ghost Picture
It looks like a young girl swinging her arms beside him, except there wasn't
supposed to be anyone in the room when he got his (ghost) picture taken!

Caped Ghost Picture
The kids left the room a mess with stuff everywhere.  But, in this ghost picture it
would seem that a hooded figure just popped up into the frame.  Eeek...

Amish Ghost Picture
An Amish man in a buggy might have an other-worldly visitor with him.  The  
question is whether it is the ghost of an Amish child or perhaps a soldier.

Halloween Night Ghost Picture
Due to Amber's letter, we bring back an old, classic ghost picture which has
received a lot of attention.

Man In Glass Ghost Picture
Yoou can't help but wonder if this is an older gentleman wearing glasses when
you see the reflection in this armoire's glass door.

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(top) Girl Ghost Picture by Sternenrauschen
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