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Ghost Pictures - Second Quarter of 2009 This is page three of ghost
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Ghost Pictures                                    [Q2 '09 - P3 Submissions from our Viewers]

Tantallon Castle Ghost Picture
Amazing ghost picture taken at a Scottish Castle that has survived debunking by
ghost investigators is intriguing.

Northampton State Hospital Ghost Picture
Kate captured some moving energy in a tunnel.  Everything else is in focus,
except the center of the hall of this abandoned asylum.

Amvets Ghost Picture
Interesting swirling mist in an Alaskan club known for strange occurrences.  She
tells us no one was smoking!

Mystical Creations Ghost Picture
This is a very interesting picture with streaks of light running from left to right
across the image.  We have ruled out hair.  Is it energy?

Halloween Ghost Photo
Nice ectoplasmic mist swirling above her daughter during Halloween time.  
Visible vapor trail and no one smoking cigs.  Is it a ghost?

Shadow Apparition Ghost Picture
Incredible eye-witness account of a shadow ghost being a lady's former
husband.  Wouldn't you know, he was also captured in this ghost photograph!

Ghost Behind Her Picture?
Strange anomalies are caught in a cell phone image, while she was trying to get
a good shot of her new hair color.  Is it ghostly evidence, or shadows from the...

Phone Booth Ghost Picture
A spectre-like face appears in the glass of what Australians dub a "phone box"
every night.  It is embedded in the glass and appears to be a woman with...

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