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Ghost Pictures                                              [Q3 '09 Submissions from our Viewers]

Smoky Ghost Picture
Young woman seems about to be assaulted by a ghostly figure forming in the
mist.  Is this from cigarette smoke in the bar, or is it truly a ghost mist picture?

Red Entity Ghost Picture
Paranormal investigator took this ghost picture and cannot find any normal
explanation for what caused it.  Image appears on the negative, also.

Skull Ghost Picture
A young lady was taking snapshots of the rising water and noticed a skeletal-like
face.  Do you see it?  Interesting...

Mysterious Person Ghost Picture
Alright.  Where did the lady come from?  A new camera supposedly reveals an
old-time figure of a woman after using it to photograph a few things.

Michael Jackson Ghost Picture?
We explore some stills from the wildly popular Michael Jackson ghost video from
actual CNN footage.  Was it a ghost or can we explain what may have happened?

Kitchen Ghost Picture
Like the Kramer portrait episode on Seinfeld, we "cannot look away."  The more
we stare at this ghost picture, the more the Seurat-like ghost appears!

Dark Shadow Ghost Picture
What the heck is that long, stringing black mass of energy floating from one
room to the next?  Looks like a shadow ghost to us!

Chamberlain Observatory Ghost Picture
We were sent this photo that may reveal two figures in the upstairs window of
this Denver institution.  Is it evidence of ghosts, or just a trick of the eye?

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Smoky Ghost Picture
Red Entity Ghost Picture
Skull Ghost Picture?
Mysterious Person Ghost Picture
Michael Jackson Ghost Picture
Kitchen Ghost Picture
Dark Shadow Ghost?
Chamberlain Observatory Ghosts?
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