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This month's real Ghost pictures
were received by
 Angels &
Ghosts for all to see!
Each ghost picture has its
own page & story...many
free great ghost pics to
see for your ghost study
this month!
Ghost Picture of
the Month for
August 2005
Ghost Pictures

Ghost in the Woods
Pretty cool snaps of a spirit
materializing in the woods.

Orb Ghost Picture
Sister finds an orb on her
brother's shirt...doesn't like
idea of it being a ghost.

Dog Orb Ghost Picture
What the heck is this dog
doing that could have
caused this white vapor?!

Don's Ghost Picture
Family history research
provides a weird picture with
faces for Don.

Casper's Ghost Photo
O.K. Who told the real
ghosts to show up with the
cartoon ghosts?

Entity Ghost Picture
Don and Sharon live in a
haunted house. Here's a pic
from their home.

Animal Spirits Picture
Mexican field trip reveals
the spirits of birds around a

Latvian Orb Picture
Colored orbs fill this picture
from Latvia...

Partner's Orb Pic
Orbs filled the room of her
partner - all around him.  
But what are they?

Haunted Jefferson Hotel
Pictures from this infamous
haunted hotel makes two
skeptics wonder.

Andersonville Ghost
Haunted Civil War Village
produces some nice ghost

Alabama Bathroom Ghost
Adam smells perfume,
coffee and feels cold spots -
these are different pics.

Father's Room Ghost Pic
Matt's father passed away
in this room over ten years
Ghost Pictures

Haunted Home Ghosts?
Robin sent us some
pictures of orbs from her

Ectoplasm Ghost Photos
Meri captured some nice
pics of ectoplasm and vapor

Emily's Ghost Picture
What caused these orbs in
her new living room?

Samantha's Ghost Picture
Weird picture has a figure in
it - taken in a castle in
London, England.

Andy's Ghost Photos
Andy sent us some more
pictures for August...nice
moving orb in hallway.

Apparition Ghost Pic
Man appears in kitchen
ghost picture over dog.

Graveyard Heads Ghost
Eilish from Ireland sent a
graveyard pic with some
faces in it.

See Through Ghost
Gettysburg photo has orbs
and a see-through arm in it!

Mrs Peacock Ghost Pic
Did Colonel Mustard murder
Mrs. Peacock in the theatre
with a lead pipe!?

Alcove Springs Ghost
What caused this mist at
the scene where the Donner
party had found tragedy?

Orb Pictures
Our thoughts about orbs in
ghost pictures...

New Orleans Ghost
Very nice collection of
ectoplasm and orbs from

White Lady Ghost Picture
An apparition appears at a
funeral wake on the

Bright Lights Ghost Pic
Strange picture of a lady
surrounded with lights in her
Ghost Pictures

Man's Head in Light?
Ghost picture of a man's
head appearing in sunlight.  
We see two...

Haunted Research Cam
Snake-like energy captured
from the haunted research

Flying Bench Ghost
This ghost picture has
super-charged energy and a
bench floating in the air!

White Anomalies Ghost
Very interesting story about
white object appearing
around this young man.

Flash Reflection Ghost?
Weird picture of camera
flash creates a face in

Moving Orb Ghost Pic
Orb captured moving by
camera behind a lady from

Fallen Camera Ghost
Great story of how this pic
came to be...

Tree Face Ghost Picture
Interesting face in
ectoplasm which even has
an eye!

Big Ghost Ghost Picture
Big ghost haunted this
apartment with footsteps...

Race Car Ghost Picture
It's a first that we've been
sent an orb picture beside a
race car...

Paranormal Picture
John has spirits following
him around from house to
house, perhaps...

Forest Anomalies
Strange orb-type anomalies
at Lincoln National Forest...

Comet Lodge Cemetery
Ectoplasm and orb picture
from this graveyard that is
receiving some news...
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