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What is more interesting is the fact that John has experienced paranormal activity in other places he has lived.  
This makes us wonder if he is not being followed by the ghost(s) from residence to residence.  Many times the
ghosts of loved ones will do that; or a friendly spirit who just likes hanging around may follow someone as they
change residences.  Yes, John, (if no one was smoking) this is an authentic ghost picture, and the white stuff is
called "ectoplasm."  It is energy produced from the presence of spirits:

"This picture was taken in my house in Chicago Heights.  I had just bought this digital camera and I was testing it
out. The camera is a HP PhotoSmart 315.  I do believe in ghosts; I have witnessed them before in other houses
I've lived in, but I have never witnessed any paranormal activities in this house. I've been trying to look up more
Chicagoland ghost resources, but cannot find much.  I'm hoping one of you guys can determine whether this is a
ghost picture or not; I'd like to know.  Thanks...John"
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