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Sharon and Don Brzowsky sent this picture for your review - can you see it?:
"I looked at the pics on your site and thought you'd like to see the picture of the ghost at our house.  We have no
idea who he is, but we do know that we have more then one entity living with us.  We've tried to figure out where
they've come from and can only conclude that possibly they've come in with some of the antiques we've acquired
over the years as we have a house full.  We periodically have lights turn on for no apparent reason, my vacuum
cleaner comes on, we hear footsteps, whispering, a pencil was thrown at me when no one was home, my cats
chase things that aren't there, (atleast that we can see),our antique wall clocks stop at the exact same hour and
the exact same minute, one night my husband watched the pendulum of a clock that had stopped start ticking
again.  This is just a few of the things that have happened here.  You look at the picture and make your own
decision. Look directly behind my nephew.you'll see the face of a man looking at him."
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