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This month's real Ghost pictures
were received by
 Angels &
Ghosts for all to see!
Each ghost picture has its
own page & story...many
free great ghost pics to
see for your ghost study
this month!
martin luther king christian
Ghost Picture of
the Month for
February 2006
Ghost Pictures

Peek-a-Boo Ghost Pic
Stunning photo from a
webcam which caught this
ghost in action!

Tiffany's Ghost Pictures
The lady who sent us the
Peek-a-Boo Ghost Photo
sent these beauties, too...

Cavern Ghost Picture
Ectoplasm unexpectedly
appeared in this photo from
inside a cave.

Faces in Window Ghosts
Roy has a photo of his
house with faces in it...

Holland Ghosts!
Are these ghosts peering
from this Catholic resting
place in the Netherlands?

NC Paranormal Photos
Five ghost photos from Julie
at NCP...

Husband's Visitation Pic
Heart-wrenching story about
this lady's husband and
ecto picture.

Hotel Ghost Picture
Mount Washington Hotel in
Bretton Woods may have
some non-paying guests.

Daughter's Moving Orb
Moving orb in front of a
young lady was a surprise.

Orb & Face Ghost Picture
Nice orb in Andy's ghost
photo, but he sees a face in
the same picture...

Red Ghost Picture?
Is the red haze cause by a
ghost or spirit energy of
some sort?
Ghost Pictures  

Florida Ghost Photos
Nice ectoplasm vapor trail
of an orb, perhaps; from
Sam & Keneta.

Adams Mansion Ghosts
Faces in windows and
super-charged energy
captured here...

Holland Ghost Pictures
Ectoplasm photos from
near a haunted house in

Eastern Paranormal Pic
Gabreael from EP sent us
this disembodied apparition
ghost picture!

Weird Energy Ghost
Light from a TV goes
upward toward the ceiling.

Garage Girl Ghost Pic
Eerie ghost photo of a girl
staring out a window.

Horses & Orbs Pics
Don Wood has horses.  His
horses have company.

Niagara Falls Ghost
Are these ghosts rising out
of the graves?

Orb Pictures
This month's collection of
more orb pictures from
different viewers.

Faces Ghost Pictures
Can you see faces in these
pictures from Julia.

Tree With A Face
Picture from a wedding that
has a tree with a face!
Ghost Pictures  

New Year Ghost Pictures
These ladies captured
ectoplasm and
super-charged energy...

Shelli's Ghost Picture
This ghost picture has
ectoplasm appearing in
front of the house.

Mum's Ghost Picture
Moving energy across this
ghost photo of mom!

Grandmother & Spirit
This is one wild ghost
picture, as a white form
appears in the background.

Dance Orb Ghost Picture
Wife wants to settle dispute
with husband over these
orbs - real or not?

See Through Man Photo
Strange how a sign can be
seen through this man in a
Budapest church.

Baby Cousin Ghost
Ectoplasm forms a figure
behind this baby in a pic
taken by grandma...

Super-Charged Energy
Greenish-white energy
appears in two pictures
from Tiffani...

Martin Luther King Ghost
Birth place of MLK, Jr. has
ectoplasm outside of it!

Letha's Ghost Picture?
Is this really Letha Mae
standing by the tree at her
grave site?

Reine's Anomalies
Ghost picture of ectoplasm,
but what's in the other two?
Ghost Pictures

Baby Orb Ghost Pic
Orbs in this picture, but
one by the baby's hand...

Kathy's Ghost Pictures
Kathy sent us different
types of ghost pics -
even a lady in an orb!
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