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Kandi Ranson-Wilson sent us this picture and interesting story about Letha...

"Being born a psychic medium and having encountered spirits since a small child and feeling very comfortable with
communications with spirits, it has been a part of my existence that I have just accepted.  It seems that I am a light in the
pitch-black darkness for all spirits.

I am the manager of
Myrtle Beach locals insider at MSN groups. I had originally posted an Obituary for  Letha Mae Lee
age 86  on 1/5/2005.

1/23/2005 - I have to say that this individual has left some unfinished business here in this plane of existence. I happened
upon her burial site the night she was laid in the cold earth, by accident. I had not even thought of this posting of her
obituary when I visited the Withers Swash Cemetery that night. I did visit her burial place and paid my respects but as I
stood there I was asked a question.  "Why did you come"?  I only had one answer: "The powers that be guided me here."  
You see I am an open door for communications with those beings that have left their bodies.  Like a light in the pitch black,
the "Dead" see me and have a tendency to communicate with me.  There were other live individuals there with me that
distracted me, so the rest of the communications were drowned out.  But I was asked to get to the bottom of the truth and
make the truth public.  I have no idea what this is in reference to.

Maybe there is someone out here that knows what this is about and can shed some light on the situation for her, so that
she will rest easier.  On 4-29-05, my friend and I decided to join a few others to discuss this topic and to visit a local burial
ground, Withers Memorial Cemetery, located in Myrtle Beach, SC.  We were the only ones who showed up for this
meeting.  We decided to go ahead on the burial ground, while there we took several photos with our camera phones.  We
witnessed spirits wandering around the place all the while that we were there.  Just before we left, I was taking shots of the
area.  My friend, John, was on the other side of the Cemetery at the time this photo was taken.  We were the only human
forms in the Cemetery that night."
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