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Kathy Owen from Bodfish, CA has sent us some more of her ghost pics.  There are some good ones!
Can you
see the
woman in
the blue
"This was taken in my living room next to the Wood Burning Stove. At first, I
thought it was just another plain Orb. But when I took a closer look, and
woman's upper body appeared in the Orb. You can clearly see her shoulders,
head and face with hair. Like if the picture was a photograph."
"This is an Orb that I caught in my living room, right next to the lamp. I catch
this same Orb quite often on my camera. It seems to make itself right at home."
"This was a
moving Orb
that I caught
outside in my
front yard on
a November
night. The
green Orb in
the tree
seems to
follow me
inside or out.
The Pink Orb
is different, I
never caught
that one
before on
camera. It
seems as if it
can't make up
it's mind
which way it
wants to go."
psychic intuition
"This pic is awesome!! I
was out walking the park
with the camera, and I
stopped at my usual spot
to take a shot of the
window. This is an old
building that I use for
storage only. When I got
back in the house and
downloaded the picture to
my computer, this is what
came up. You can see the
face of a man in the right
corner of the lower half of
the window. He looks like
he has a beard and
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