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This month's real Ghost pictures
were received by
 Angels &
Ghosts for all to see!
Each ghost picture has its
own page & story...many
free great ghost pics to
see for your ghost study
this month!
Queensland haunting ghost picture
Ghost Picture of
the Month for
February 2007
Ghost Pictures

Queensland Haunting
Powerful paranormal photo
taken in their haunted

Christmas Morning Visit
Ectoplasm with nice vapor
trails floating above the tree.

Oklahoma Ghost Photos
Nice capture of ghost mists
in three pictures from

Ecto & Face Ghost Photo
The white streaks are
ectoplasm, but how did the
face get in the background?

Grey Lady Ghost Picture  
Is the famous ghost of
Willard Library?  Nice size.  
Take a peek at her.

Grandfather's Mist Pic
Did he come to visit the
family when this ghost
picture was snapped?

Good Spirit Picture
Ghost picture of a vapor trail
of possibly a moving orb...

Crooked Mile Cemetery  
What caused this ghostly
fog to encompass the

DC Ghost Picture?
What caused this anomaly
and is it a ghost photo?  
You decide on this one.

Angie's Ghost Pictures
Two photos to look at.  One
for fun and the other for
Ghost Pictures  

Colorful Energy Photo
We have no clue as to
what caused this effect, but
it's cool.

Washington State Ghosts
Jennifer's story about
taking ghost photos is
pretty interesting...

South Yorkshire Mist
Vapor is captured in this
ghost picture from Alix...

Camera Phone Ghost Pic
Little girl's face appears in
this photo after lightening
it. Accidentally snapped...

Face Cleanser Ghost
This man's head appeared
on a bottle, but is it a ghost
or a trick of the eye?

Phenomena Or Ghosts?
Cristin has one of those
photos which you will want
to talk about for awhile.

Spooky Ghost Photo
Nice ecto vapor appears
around Heather's head.

Agoura Hills Face Pic
Is this a ghostly face that
Adam captured?

Bar Ectoplasm Pic?
You would think this is
smoke from cigarettes, but
is it?  Look closely.

Old Family Ghost Photo
Is that something behind
the bride & groom?
Ghost Pictures

Atoka Ghost Picture   
Nice capture of a light
anomaly streaking above
the ground from Jim.

Misty Shape Ghost Photo
Intriguing ghost picture of a
ghostly mist taken at a
bomb shelter.

Old Brush Creek Ghost
Nice ectoplasm looking fog
forms in front of camera.

L.I.P.S. Ghost Picture
Lake Isabella Paranormal
Society sent us this ecto
ghost picture...

Eastern Paranormal Pic
What the heck is that in
Gabreael's window?  The
moon, a light or a head?

Cold Christmas Church
Is this ghostly energy
outside this abandoned
building?  You decide...

Church Play Ghost Photo
Is this an apparition that Lil
captured or a child rushing
by?  Look at the evidence.

Copy Of A Ghost Picture
Even a blurry picture still
looks ghostly to us!

Buffalo Soldier Field Pic  
Can you see the horse in
this ghostly fog?  Very
interesting photograph.

Dawn's Ghost Picture   
What all is going on in this
freaky old photo we
received?  See a face?
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Ghost Pictures  

Orb Pictures
This month's collection of  
orb pictures from different

Mother's Funeral Ghost
A light anomaly is
streaking by in this picture.

Balcony Entity Ghost Pic
Can you see images in this
strange smoke that
showed up in Florida?

London Christmas Ghost
Gwendoline's ghost picture
finally gets discussed and
viewed at Angels & Ghosts.

Orb Movement Picture
Nice vapor trail around girl.  
Is it her grandma?

Ghostly Wedding Picture
What caused this mist to
envelope them during their
vows - an unseen visitor?

Friend's Ghost Picture
Truly a compelling short
story and interesting photo.
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