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Gwendoline Lee of England sent us this ghost picture taken In London.  It is intriguing, because the lower left
of the picture looks similar to breath in cold air (the brown color is usually a give-away), but the majority of the
picture appears to possibly be spiritual presence.  She was not smoking, and
breath in cold air does not
typically produce bright-white trailing vapor this large and this close to the lens without the brown spotty
presence of vapor droplets present.  Most ghost websites will simply discard this type of submission, as they
view any mist in front of the camera this close (and taken outdoors) as breath, period.  What do you think?  
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Angels & Ghosts Forum.  Here's Gwendoline's story...

"I live in the UK, in London.  Last Christmas, ,just before actually, I took a couple of photos of our house with
the Christmas lights up.  One of the snaps had an image on it.  I think I sent this to you before, but never had
any reply, as I assume you took it to be a fake.  I'm an elderly lady and this is no fake - for me it's been a life
changing experience.  I have always had open mind, but believe very much now.  I sent this image to a couple
of sites during the year and had no response at all.  To be honest, I can't understand it.  I look at the image
and see what to me is a winged spirit angel?  I tried last week to chat on a spiritualist site and see if other
people saw the same as I do.  One said it was my breath, and another, smoke.  I feel a little daft, as I look at
the image and it jumps out at me.  At first it scared me, then I felt privileged and still do.  I know this is not fake.
I would willingly send the camera card to be checked to prove it.  If this has made me feel so much better in
myself about the afterlife, then I want to make as many people feel the same, but every time I try, I get no
response.  Will you please, please take the time to examine the card and the image.  The image was a large
one, so I have reduced it to send via email.  I will also attach the other one I took at the same time, this is
perfectly clear."
Gwendoline's other photo
came out clear.
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