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Cristin sent us her ghost picture of people who appeared in-between of her husband and son.  We discussed
this very well at the
Angels & Ghosts Forum and have varying beliefs as to how this picture was created.  If the
TV was not on, then it makes one wonder if the camera brought out the images that were left residually...a TV
phenomena?  Crazy you can take a look at the picture and posts about it and decide.

"I took this picture of my husband and daughter with a digital camera in July of 2005. It was at my husband's
parent's apartment in Lynn, MA. There was a TV behind them, but the TV was turned off at the time of the
photo. The only women in the apartment was myself and my MIL and neither of us look like either women in
the picture. You can even see my husband's reflection and the coffee table in the reflection on the blank TV.
We believe the older woman is my husband's aunt's mother (not blood related) who was dead when this
picture was taken. The other woman we aren't sure of. They were looking directly into the camera, but I didn't
see them when I snapped the picture, only when I uploaded them onto the computer. I haven't edited this
photo other than fixing the brightness. Thanks for looking at this picture! It's really incredible to me!"
It is amazing the TV does not appear to show anything else, but the two
heads coupled with the reflection of the man and room background.  Also,
the heads of the ladies have out-stretched necks, as though they are
looking at the baby.  We could not find evidence of the image being altered,
so it leaves one to wonder what happened if the TV wasn't left on...and what
perfect timing and aligning up of the ladies if it
was left on.
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