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This month's real Ghost pictures
were received by
 Angels &
Ghosts for all to see!
Each ghost picture has its
own page & story...many
free great ghost pics to
see for your ghost study
this month!
concert ghost picture
Ghost Picture of
the Month for
March 2007
Ghost Pictures

Wheel House Ghost Pic
We cannot tell if it is a
double-exposure or not.  
Take a look and see...

Meramec Caverns Ghost
Nice capture of a moving
orb from inside the cavern.

Savannah Ghost Picture
Did Debra and her husband
capture an apparition in the
very haunted US city?

Bolling Hall Museum Pic  
Very interesting ghost
picture of green energy from
within the Ghost Room.

Notre Dame Ghostly Pic
Very nice, spooky ghost
picture captured at the
famed site...

MySpace Ghost Picture
Did she capture a ghost in
this picture that was for her
page on the site?

Window Dust Ghost Pic  
Where and why did this
come and why did it form a
face around her passing?

Tina's Dad Ghost Picture
Ecto vapor trail flows around
her husband and a child in
her father's former home.
Ghost Pictures

Woman Spirit Picture
This is a different type of
ghost picture created in the
1800's.  Check it out...

Thought Ghost Picture
An image from our new
section on thoughtography.
How did this happen?

Seven Spirits Ghost Pic
Vapor is captured in front of
mum one week before...

Century House Ghost Pic
Energy showed up in Bill's
picture taken in an old
building on the Erie Canal.
Ghost Pictures

Manchester Ghost Photo
Intriguing ghost picture of
ectoplasm at a graveyard in

New Orleans Ghosts
Cool ghost picture of energy
and some women appearing
behind the subjects...

Concert Ghost Picture
Have you ever seen
someone riding the mosh
pit? If so, look at this...

Swimming Pool Ghost?
Did dad show up in this
ghost picture that grandma
took by the pool?

Ouija Board Ghost Photo
Rut ro, Raggy!  Is this a
true ghost pic of an
apparition?  You decide...

Mom's Face in Car Photo
Did her mom's ghost appear
in the back of this car's
picture as a sign?

Cat Ghost Picture
Can you see Boots inside
of this orb?

Canal Fulton Ghost Walk
Photographs from a
haunted history tour by
Sherri Brake-Recco.

Oak Alley Ghost Photo
Famed plantation is
gorgeous - but is it
haunted?  You decide...
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Xmas Ghost Picture
This is a strange anomaly,
but what caused it?  You
decide after looking at it.

Unidentified Kid Ghost?
Uh oh...this kid doesn't
belong to who
is he? Yikes!

Oregon Ghost Photo
Did Caroline capture ecto
mist in this picture or was
it caused by breath?

South Georgia Ghost Pic
Very nice orb caught on
camera during the daylight
by a church.

Big Orbs Ghost Pictures
Several photos to look at of
a big orb moving about a
home interior.

Belvidere Ghost Picture
Ashley caught some
ectoplasm in this photo.
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Orb Pictures - March 07
This month's collection of  
orb pictures from different

Dad's Reflection Ghost
Was dad able to keep his
promise and come back to
show them he's OK?

Tillie Creek Ectoplasm
Eric captured this ecto at a
campground near Lake
Isabella, California.
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