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Yvette sent us this ghost picture which she accidentally took while creating her profile photo for MySpace.  We
bet she was pretty shocked to see the image of a man's face behind here...

"The house we live in we got real cheap, because the man that owned it died.  Lights always would go off by
them self, but I never thought nothing of it.  Sometimes I would think I had just seen something out of the
corner of my eye, but I would just put it off.  I did'nt think nothing of it, then the doll would start talking by itself
without pushing the button.  Then I was thinking maybe it needs a new battery. One day I was playing around
with my phone trying to get a pic for MySpace, so I must of took 50 pictures  I kept deleting them just as fast as
I was taking them. Then this one caught my eye, because what I was seeing was not there.  To the right of me  
is a man, and to the right of him there is a child. These are real.  I aways like looking at ghost pictures, but
never thought that I would be in the picture (with one). I will be taking more to see what I get."
MySpace ghost picture
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