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Donna and her sister believe mom's face appeared in the car pictured in this photo.  Take a look and you

"Attached is a picture taken by the dealer of the car I recently purchased.  An hour after I finalized the
purchase, I was feeling buyer's remorse.  I had the picture enlarged as my desktop background and glanced
at the picture with an "Oh no, what have I done," when staring at me, from the rear passenger seat was my
mother's face.  I called my sister, emailed her the picture and told her to enlarge it and look in the back
passenger window.   Her immediate reaction was "It's Mom!"  Not everyone sees it like we do, and yeah, I know
it's probably just the way the sunlight reflects off their awning but still...I see my mother's face in this picture of
my new 2000 Grand Vitara.  My mother passed away in 2000."
Left:  "The face in the car from my
perspective shows the top of her head -
her eyes, nose and the facial lines from
the nose down, but not the mouth.  What
makes the whole thing even stranger is
that in June I went on a business trip in
Dallas and brought my sister with me. My
rental car had already been reserved by
my company. I was supposed to get a
Pontiac G6. The woman at the counter
looked at my reservation then said, "I bet
you'd like the brand new red Grand Vitara
we just got in."  I upgraded and my sister
said, "Mom wants to make sure you get to
drive one."
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