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This month's real Ghost pictures
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 Angels &
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Ghost Picture
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May '07 Ghost Pictures

Ghost Hound Picture
Apparently her dog still
chases goats, even though
he has crossed over!

Holyhead Ghost Pictures
Is she visiting the family
after passing at a young
age?  Maybe...

Ghosts in the Field
They were surprised when
this ghost mist appeared in
their picture.  Two ghosts?

Hallway Ghost Picture  
Interesting ghost picture of
a mist forming in the air.  Is
it a ghost?

Alien Face Ghost Pic
Mist around children seems
to have a strange ghost
image within it...

Tombstone Light Photo
Did a ghost cause this light
anomaly or is it the camera
setting?  You decide...

Prospect Place Mansion
Strange light anomalies
during a ghost investigation.
May '07 Ghost Photos

Ghost in Sara's Basement
This is one spooky image
sent in by her mother
Anne...take a peek.

Saint Mary's School Pic
Ghost picture taken at an
old building from the 1800s.
Is it one or two ghosts?

Orb Proof Ghost Picture
Nice capture of an orb
behind an object a good
distance away from lens.  

Rocky Point Ghost Pic
Did breath or a ghost cause
this vapor to appear over the
stones?  Interesting...

Father Spirit Ghost Pic  
Her father was still around
them most likely to make
sure they were doing OK.

Dad's Face In Orb Photo
Surprising ghost picture of
an orb with his face in it
after he recently passed.

Halloween Lady Ghost
Can you see an apparition
behind them or is it a trick?  
Here is what we think.
May '07 Ghost Pics

Orb Pictures - May '07
This month's collection of  
more orb pictures from
different viewers.

Baby Vapor Ghost Pic
Nice ectoplasm ghost
picture sent in to A & G.  
Someone watching over?

Darla's Ghost Photos
Mists galore in her home.  
Many ghost pictures...

Kitchen Ghost Picture
What the heck is in this
window?  We're stumped!  
Can you figure it out?

Realtor Ghost Picture
Gee, I don't think I would
buy this house.  Would you
after seeing this photo?

Kcaps Ghost Pictures
Nice ghost pictures from
Kern County Paranormal

El Paso Ghost Hunt Pic
Odd hooded figure appears
in one of their photographs.
What caused this?
More Ghost Pictures...

Essa Ghost Picture
This ghost picture was
taken in Miami.  Check it you see the face?

Little Girl Ghost Picture
Yowza!  Is this a ghost or
doll in the window?  You

Damien Vapor Ghost
Linda sent in a photo of her
cat with a vaporous
anomaly streaking across.

Nan's Ghost Picture
Amazing apparition ghost
picture.  Was it a mom
who passed away?

Shadow Ghost Picture?
What caused the strange
shadow to appear...a ghost
or something else?
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