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Christina Jones (and her daughter Aqua) sent us this crazy ghost picture.  How would you like to be the
realtor trying to sell a house and having a ghost pass in front of you during a showing?  Do you see the

"My mother was taking pictures of a home in Wellington, Kansas that she was thinking about purchasing,
and orbs and a ghost appeared all around the home in the pictures.  The pic that I have sent has the Real
Estate Agent at the front door talking and the ghost of a woman is passing in front of her.  She has her
head bowed and looks young.  You can also see the orb on the wall in the other room in the full shot.  The
front door orb is also included.  I have many more pics with lots in them."

close-up of the
realtor (and what
looks to be) face
to face with a
ghostly a lady!

Would you buy
this house?

Orb picture
taken in the
same house the
same time the
realtor was
showing it.
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