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Stormy Renner of Stormy's Ghost Lab sent the following ghost pictures taken at Prospect Place Mansion:

"Prospect Place Mansion is alive with spirits of the past.  It is an exciting place for ghost hunters and
anyone interested in the paranormal or fascinated with rich history.  I am fortunate to live so near to the
mansion that I can easily schedule overnight stays to conduct my investigations.  The owner, George
Adams, is a wonderful man who is dedicated to the restoration efforts of his ancestor's home.  

The attached two pictures were taken by Lee Renner, my Mother and fellow ghost hunter, on 4-6-07 in the
presence of Heather Yingling, Lead Investigator; and Danny, a Field Reporter from Mount Vernon, Ohio.
Heather was using copper dowsing rods for communication purposes and claimed to be communicating
with Malcolm, a young boy who once lived in the mansion and William Cox, who once owned the mansion.  
These are the original pictures and have not been changed in any way."
prospect place mansion
prospect place mansion ghost pictures
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