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This month's real ghost stories were sent to  Angels & Ghosts for all to read this Halloween season!

Each ghost story has its own page.  We post ghost stories of personal ghost encounters & and ghostly experiences.

October 2007 Ghost Story of the Month:  Simone's Ghost Story

Oct '07 Ghost Stories
Sutter's Fort Ghost Story
By request, Paul Dale Roberts investigates...

Spirits of Stow Lake
Athena checks out the ghost stories first hand!

Woodland Opera House
Ghost story from Paul of an 1885 haunted building. 
Oct '07 Ghost Stories
Simone's Ghost Story
Simone's house is haunted by a shadow ghost that is negative in nature.  Read her encounter and discover how powerful a negative entity can be.  Simone is currently working to help direct this wayward spectre to the light with loved ones and unto spiritual healing.
Oct '07 Ghost Stories
Two Ghost Stories 
Little things that occur in a house can be unusual when we look closer...

If you are looking to go on a ghost hunt with ghost hunters, you can do so with John Kachuba in his book: Ghosthunters.
(far left)

If you would like to learn about ghost possession, then The Unquiet Dead is a must read by Dr. Edith Fiore.
(see left)

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