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Photographs of Ghosts
The following ghost photographs were submitted to us from viewers or somehow found their way to us through the Internet. Three of the ghost pictures are from famously haunted locations. Another three are photographs of ghosts that have been seen across the web for years. Each of the photographs of ghosts can be selected to view more and read the story behind the ghost image.
Viewfinder Ghost Picture Head Ghost Picture
Viewfinder Ghost Picture             Head Ghost Picture
Ghost Seance Ingalls Wilder Ghost Picture - Little House on the Prairie Lillian Lemp Ghost Picture from Lemp Mansion - St. Louis, Missiouri Whaley House Ghost Photograph
Ingalls-Wilder Ghost Pic       Lillian Lemp Ghost Photo        Whaley House Ghost Pic
Dying Man Ghost Picture
Dying Man Ghost Picture
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Minister Ghost Picture Granny in Door Ghost Picture
Minister Ghost Picture            Granny in Door Ghost
Submit Ghost Pictures!
Monthly, Angels & Ghosts publishes photographs of ghosts sent to us by our visitors, as well as other fascinating ghost photographs that surface on the Internet whenever possible. All of the above thumbnail photos of ghosts may be selected to learn more about them.
Do you have solid evidence of ghosts? Send your pictures of ghosts to us, and we might post them for others to see. Because pictures of ghosts are often debated, it is up to the viewer to decide if they are indeed real.
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