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This month's real angel pictures were sent to  Angels & Ghosts for all to see this Halloween season!

Angel Picture of the Month!

Each angel picture has its own page & story.  We post angel, inspirational, and spiritual pictures of possible spirit guides & loved ones from the light.

October 2007 Angel Picture of the Month:

Oct '07 Angel Pictures
Missy's Guardian Angel
White ball of possible spirit in this angel picture...

Cindy's Cloud Angel Pic
Is this picture evidence of spirit signs?  You decide.

Intercession Angel Pics
Amazing angel pictures of faces in orbs after...

Spiritual Answers Pics
Simona has photos as signs from Grammy.
Oct '07 Angel Pictures
Explicit Angel Photo
Striking angel picture is captured by an author.

Ectoplasm Spirit Photos
Angel pictures of perhaps her guides or angels.

Angel Of Fire Picture
Incredible confirmation of a young man's presence.

Angel Spray Picture
Cool confirmation found in ocean waves by Flora...
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Oct '07 Angel Pictures
Figure in Sky Picture
What an amazing angel or spirit being floating above!

Sky Angels ? 
A couple angel pictures from her collection...

Lunch Break Angel Pic
Another angel picture of a silhouette in the clouds.

Bright Angel Picture
Another angel found in a cloud inspires...

Cape Town Angel Photo
Last cloud angel picture has nice face and image.

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Native American Art

Angel Art!

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