Fallen Angel Video

Nico Larsend sent us this angel video filmed in Amsterdam. Here is his story:

"One night I accidentally hit an angel with my bike! Don't think I'm crazy, because I'm not. My girlfriend was with me, so she saw her, or 'it' too. I first thought it was a UFO or some other light, but then I saw a figure -- like a female figure. Now we're guessing we saw an angel (also because we found some other footage on the Net of angel encounters). ...there are more people (than just me) discussing angel sightings on the net."

Note: Angel sightings are intriguing and fantastic to explore. While this video is super cool, we do not believe it is proof of other-worldly demons. Learn more as to why we think this at our Fallen Angels page!

Although this video is interesting, it is likely just an artistic creation.