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Ghost photographs from
 Angels & Ghosts
massive collection of ghost
photograph submissions.  Each ghost
photographs page has many good ghost
photographs & stories...

The following are some various pages from
over the years of the photographs we have
published with different anomalies in them.

Ghost photographs began appearing in the
mid 1800's & are collected around the globe,
as they intrigue and educate millions.
ghost photographs Ghost Photograph Pages

Ghost Photographs
Ectoplasm and a barn
highlight Oct 2004 ghost

Ghost Photographs
Bonfire Ecto headlines Nov
2004, including photos from

Ghost Photographs
Moving orbs and a green
orb were sent to us Dec

Ghost Photographs
English orbs and snowman
ghost headline Jan 05's
paranormal ghost photos.
ghost photographs
Ghost Photograph Pages

Ghost Photographs
Awesome Feb 05 ghost
photographs for your
viewing pleasure.

Ghost Photographs
A lot of ghost pictures
came to us in March 2005!

Ghost Photographs
Many great ghost photos
submitted in April 2005!
ghost photograph
ghost photograph
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