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This month's real Ghost pictures
were received by
 Angels &
Ghosts for all to see!
Each ghost picture has its
own page & story...many
free great ghost pics to
see for your ghost study
this month!
Ghost Picture
of the Month
for April 2005
Ghost Pictures

Stacy's Ghost Pictures
Ghost pictures from a
house in Missouri.

Bluegrass Ghost Pics
Libby sent us ghost pics of
a building in Kentucky.

Camera Phone Ghost
Donna had a strange pic
show up when taking
pictures of herself!

Wedding Ghosts?
Ghost picture sent to us
from a wedding with orbs.
What caused them?

Orbs In Ghost Pictures
Are these ghosts or camera
anomalies created by
something explainable?

Ecto In Ghost Pictures
Is this ectoplasm or breath
from the camera person?

Campfire Ghost Picture
Awesome ectoplasm
showed up around the

Room Of Orbs
Pic of orbs in this family's

Christmas Lights Ghost
Face in an ectoplasm smog
outdoors with Christmas

Biker Orbs Ghost Pictures
Orbs outside and inside a
biker bar in Florida.

Faces In The Fireplace
Ronnie found faces in his
fireplace after he snapped
this picture!
Ghost Pictures

Incredible Cemetery Pics
Ghost pictures from
cemeteries sent to us from
Matt in Illinios.

Family Ghost Picture
Old family photo has
ectoplasm in it.

Calf Orb Ghost Picture
Gary had an orb appear in
his picture of a newly born

Wedding Orb Picture
Bride has a ball of light
above her head when she
says "I do!".

Ectoplasm In Family
This picture has ectoplasm
appearing everywhere!.

Sister's Ghosts
Nice ghost pics of
ectoplasm and strange

Phone Camera Picture
Mark sent us a pic that
some can see faces

Diann's Pictures
More Hayling Island
photographs from Diann and

Digital Camera Ghost
David had a face appear in
the photo by accident!

School Yard Ghost Video
A camera phone catches a
ghost walking through a
school yard!  Hot!!!
Ghost Pictures

Carolina Ghost Pictures
Nice ghost pics of different
things happening in this
family's house.

Prayer Energy Pictures
Two pictures that just may
reveal energy materializing
during prayer!

Horse Ectoplasm Picture
Ecto that looks like a
person with out-stretched
arms in a barn.

Disneyland Ghost Picture
Ghosts found in the Pirates
of the Caribbean ride.

School Ghost Pictures
A vortex and orbs captured
on film in a school.

Swirl Of Mist Picture
Judy does not know what
caused this to appear in her

Snowman Orbs Picture
Orbs around a snowman
and kid.

Friend's Orb Picture
Two small orbs appeared in
her friend's picture.  What
caused it?

Ghost Over The Shoulder
Is this a ghost appearing
over this lady's shoulder?.

Cemetery Orbs Ghost
Calvin had a successful
ghost hunt - orbs showed

Snow Fall Ghost Picture
Is this a ghost or something
ufo pictures
ghost angel pictures
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