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This month's real Ghost pictures
were received by
 Angels &
Ghosts for all to see!
Each ghost picture has its
own page & story...many
free great ghost pics to
see for your ghost study
this month!
Ghost Picture of
the Month for
March 2005
Ghost Pictures

Arthur's Ghost Pictures
View ectoplasm and moving
orbs in three ghost pics.

Halloween Graveyard
Jason sent us this cool
picture and an EVP for you
to listen to!

See Through Arms
Diann from Hayling Island
sent a picture with a lady's
arms that are see-through.

Orbs Light Picture
Picture of light reflections
and orbs in a room from
Dana and Nancy.

Ghost In The House
David sent us this 20 year
old pic of a face in his
daughter's window.

Rainbow Orbs Picture
Dianna sent us a rainbow
with some orbs around it

Face In Window Ghost
Nice capture of girl ghost in
a window from a Cincinnati
ghost photographer.

Cemeteries Ghost Pictures
Cinci photographer shot two
cemeteries in her area.
Ghost Pictures

Pevensey Castle Ghost
Ghost pictures from famous
Pevensey Castle.

Anna's Greek Ghost
Pictures of car & waterfall
are suspicious.  What do
you think?

Edna's Ghost In Window
Edna sent us this picture of
a face in a window.

Attic Ghost Pictures
Pictures of light distortion
came out in these pictures.

Orbs & More Orbs
This picture was sent to us
and has a room full of orbs.

Ecto & Black Mist Ghosts
Black mist in this picture is
often called shadow people.

Grandfather Ectoplasm
Ectoplasm appears after
grandchild speaks of his

Dog Ectoplasm Picture
Ectoplasm appears in front
of dog unexpectedly.

Psychics Page
Communication with those
in the afterlife is expounded
on here - but no pics.
Ghost Pictures

Prison Ghost Pictures
Ghost pictures from outside
of a Scotland prison.

House Trouble Ghost Pics
Leslie just moved into
another house and has
come to find out it is

Mohican Ghost Picture
Mona sent us this wonderful
super-charged energy

Sister's Haunted Home
Ghost pictures from sister's
house which is experiencing
weird happenings.

Demon Faux Picture
Are these kids playing a
hoax or did they capture the
image of a clown-looking

Orbs Near Woods Picture
Nice orbs captured near the
entrance of a creepy woods.

Ghost Under The Bed
Picture of a moving orb
under found a lady's bed.

Strange Pictures
Cinci photographer shows
us her collection of spirit
pictures that are strange.
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