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Ghost Pictures                                           [Q4 '09 P3 Submissions from our Viewers]

Jennifer's Ghost Picture
One of the best ghost photographs we have seen in a while.  Knowing the lady
and her story personally authenticates this ghost picture as being quite real.

Horse Pasture Ghost Picture
Very cool and striking ghost picture of a vertical spirit mist in a field.  We have no
explanation for what could have caused it other than the paranormal.

Grandfather On Flowers Ghost Picture
Stunning image of his grandfather appears on the foil wrapping of some grave
flowers.  Is this a sign from his ancestor or coincidence?  Take a look...

Stanley Hotel Ghost Picture
This photograph taken at the famously haunted hotel makes one wonder if it
could be a child ghost or simply a prank with a doll.  You decide...

Garden Ghost Faces Picture
Strange photograph of him might contain some ghost faces within the windows
behind his figure.  Are they ghosts in his neighbor's house?

Old Town San Diego Apparition
Though the shutter speed was extended, causing anomalies in this ghost
picture, she cannot explain the figure who appeared in the shot!

Spirit Ghost Picture
She has no idea who snapped the cell phone picture.   She also has no idea
what a mist that is not reflection or steam is doing in the kitchen!

Kids On Trampoline Ghost Picture
Four kids are accounted for in this ghost picture taken of a backyard trampoline.
So, where did the fifth kid come from, and who is he?

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