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Ghost Pictures
This page is page 2 of ghost
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Each ghost picture has its own
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more of the story behind the
ghost photograph.

ormulate your own ideas and
theories about the following
ghost photos...
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Baja Ghost Picture
Older ghost picture taken at a hotel in Baja, California, Mexico reveals a mist in
the building that is large and flowing upward...

Nick O'Neill Spirit Picture
Young man perished in a fire, but he is still alive, letting his parents know
through signs and messages. This photo from his parents is interesting...

Full Spectrum Camera Ghost Pictures
We have been producing some experimental cameras that can see in the dark
with Infrared lighting. This ghost picture shows a shadowed form.

Ghost Video Stills
Two ghost pictures taken from a video shot inside a house where two people
ended their lives are creepy!

Cavalier Hotel Ghost Pictures
At first, you'll think you can explain this three-burst capture of a tall, heavy-set
person in the glass. Then, you'll notice the head turns and the head elongates...

Dog In Van Ghost Picture
A beloved pet might have been coaxed into manifesting inside of their mini-van
due to another canine's presence with the family.

Ghost In Woods Picture
This is an interesting ghost picture. A human-shaped anomaly stands in the
shadows of the woods. The photographer saw it disappear after talking with it.

Wem Ghost Girl Picture
SPECIAL: Famous ghost picture taken of a girl in a building in the UK is recently
found to be a clever fake from an amateur photographer.

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