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The following ghost pictures sent to us by Dennis Peterson and taken by Nicole are difficult to explain. There is a ghostly figure that appears on the right side. We say it could be a ghost, because the figure cannot be accounted for by Dennis or Nicole. She was the only one in the room at the time. The photograph was taken in a burst - a succession of three quick snapshots. Notice how the head appears by the third photograph. The only explanation we can come up with would be that if there was a double reflection of two different people, one of which was taller and stuck there head into the room:
"These three pictures were taken by my fellow investigator Nicole on Friday the 12th of March 2010 while we were doing an initial walk around of the Cavalier Hotel. There is also a comparison picture taken by me (Dennis) two days later of the same spot. The pictures were taken all within about one second, because the camera was set to take three pictures at a time. At the time of taking the photos, the anomalies were not noticed and these pictures were not discovered until the morning of the 14th. I was to the immediate left of the picture about five feet away."

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We circled Nicole's reflection, but there is someone to the right who is tall and portly. Dennis is not tall or portly, though the man's arms are up as if operating a digital camera.

Here are the three photos of the man in succession. Notice how the head elongates beyond normal and peers back toward the photographer. Do we have a ghost or reflections of multiple people, combined to form odd-looking person? And if so, how could this happen with no one else in the room?


Control photo.

"She (Nicole) was the only one present in the room. Others, including myself, were outside the room to the left of the picture."