Ghost Pictures

Christmas Orb Ghost Pic
Fantastic moving orb was
caught zooming across the
room during the morning!

Little Boy Ghost Picture
Outstanding apparition
photo a little boy named

Oregon Ghost Pictures
Nice ectoplasm ghost
photos could show a Native
American Presence...

Unbelievable Ghost
Old ghost photo showing
lots of ecto activity!

Sara's Ghost Photo
Very beautiful ghost picture
created through timed

Belfast Ghost Pictures
A couple good ghost photos
from Ireland, and a camera

Mansfield Reformatory
Ghost Pic
Photo of former Ohio prison
yields unexpected ecto!

Granddaughter Ghost
Did a child walk into the
background of this photo or
was it a ghost?
Ghost Pictures

Red Orbs Ghost Picture
Awesome ghost photo of
red orbs circling under a
chair.  A must see!

Scotland Ectoplasm Pic
Very interesting ghost story
and image about a child

Warwickshire Ghost
Several ghost photos with
green orbs, ectoplasm and
a hooded figure...

Spirit Visitor Ghost Photo
There are some anomalies
in two pictures of the baby
-- a spirit perhaps?

Dark Man Ghost Picture
Is this a fake, or is it a
ghostly grim reaper?

Daniel's Ghost Picture
Does Daniel have a loved
one posing with him in this
nice orb photo?

Wife's Ghost Pictures
Ectoplasm and an orb show
up in these pics from

Mammoth Cave Pic
Do you see a soldier in this
strange photo from inside
the caves?

Lava Tub Ghost Pic?
Ectoplasm appeared in this
ghostly picture...
Ghost Pictures

Big Red Orb Ghost Pic
Very big orb shows up in
this ghost picture...and its

Bald Man Ghost Picture
This is one eerie tale and
ghost picture of a bald man
looking back at you!

Myrtle Beach Ghost Pic?
Is there somebody behind
the stone in the background
of this photograph?

Lisa's Spirit Photos
She has always had things
appear in her photos since
a child...

Church Orbs Ghost Pics
Several photographs of orbs
ata church camp...

Brother's Presence Photo
Dark shadow appears
during family reunion...

Amanda's Ghost Pictures
Orange-ish orb by a
waterfall & a face..

Girl Face Ghost Picture
Face in a window, and
another behind it?.

Little River Ecto Photo?
Ectoplasm, fog or breathe
from the photographer in
cold air?
Ghost Pictures  

Orb Pictures
This month's collection of
more orb pictures from
different viewers.

Baby Ghost Picture
Is this a camera strap or
ghost in this picture?

More Orb Pictures
Page two of just some of
the orb photos we received
for this month...

Friend's House Ghost Pic
Image of an older woman in
the glass of this window...

Strange Energy Photo
What caused this camera
effect in this ghostly picture
- ghosts or camera?
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