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Neal from Durant, Oklahoma sent this awesome apparition ghost picture and remarks...

"My name is Neal and I do some freelance ghost hunting.  Upon being at local cemetery on March 27th, 2005,  I  took
over 225 digital photos of this cemetery while investigating. This cemetery has a lot of sites there that have no
markings other than cinder blocks. While thinking that the trip was a total loss I came across several photos, the ones
I am sending you are the best I have. These photos are of a little boy standing beside his grave.  After seeing the
photo, I went to the place where the photo was taken and found the boy is standing beside a head stone of an 8 year
old boy named Rufus. The first picture I am sending you is of the original, but with a circle outlining where to look.  
The next is a zoomed in shot to show the image.  The third is the absolute original."
boy ghost picture
little boy ghost
boy ghost
Above: Original close-up.                                     Below: Original picture.
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