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Laura Breedon, from Rugby, Warwickshire, U.K. sent  us these ghost pictures and details...we just love the green
orbs and ectoplasm around the trees...

"I have always been deeply interested in the paranormal and have instigated a couple of amateur ghost hunts in the
past, and after the above discovery, three of my friends and I decided to go on another just last Saturday, 3rd of
March.  We ended up in a well known local 'haunted' spot where many things have been purported to have been
seen over the years: Hillmorton church and
graveyard, Rugby. We were not really expecting to get anything at all.  I took several pictures with the flash (HP
Photosmart 3.1MP digital camera) and one of my friends later took over. I had a strange feeling about this particular
tree but didn't say anything. My friend took one picture of the trunk and one of the branches. The flash was turned
off, all torches were turned off and no-one was smoking. There were no memorable light sources and the moon was
hidden by cloud cover. When we returned home to view the photos on my PC, we discovered the odd orb in most of
them, but the one of the
tree trunk was filled with orbs and the one of the branches revealed this spooky green mist which looks to me like half
a devil face!! Nothing out of the ordinary was visible to the naked eye. Could someone please give a reasonable
explanation for this picture???"
green ectoplasm green orbs england
Above: Close-up of the green orbs

"(The next) picture was taken about three weeks ago by my friend on his narrow
boat (where he resides quite happily alone!).  He is sat on the edge of his dining
table bench facing a mirror propped up against a wall. The picture was taken with a
Pratika dcz 4.4MP digital camera and he is covering the flash with his finger (as he
couldn't work out how to turn it off!).  I first saw this picture on his MySpace profile,
and almost immediately noticed the image on the left hand side of the mirror. Upon
closer inspection more images became clear; but unfortunately since copying the
picture onto my hard drive, the quality has for some reason, deteriorated so the
many faces that I and my friends could originally see have slowly disappeared.
What appears to be left is a quite defined rather evil looking face next to his right
shoulder. We found that the more you stare at the image, the more defined it
becomes, but, as I said, the quality is nowhere near as good as it was. There is
also a very defined 'toothy smile' on the right of the mirror. This could possibly be
attributed to a vent hole in the ceiling of the boat, but I can't work out how a circular
hole could possibly make a 'smile' shape, with teeth and all.  Another photo taken a
short while later shows the vent hole and a dark maybe hooded shadow behind my
friend. It looks like the face has moved position."
ghost in the mirror
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