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James Mackie sent us this ectoplasm ghost photograph from Scotland.  This sounds like a playful child
in spirit, when you listen to the details of the haunting.  Here is his story...

"Here is a picture taken at my house in the country in Scotland.  I have tried to send it to you in the past,
but have failed for some reason -- so I am now trying this way.  The picture is one of many hundreds I
have of orbs and what I believe is called ectoplasm.  This is my fave one, and I seem drawn to it every
time I put my computer on.  The photo was taken on a clear night with no fog, fire smoke, cigarette
smoke, rain, etc.  The house has had a past exorcism on it, and ten years ago a lady hanged herself in
a stable attached to the house.  Frequently things get moved about the house, and sometimes you can
feel someone or something pulling on your sleeves.  My daughter hears voices but not too much now,
as I shouted at them to leave her alone as she is only ten; and they have done so.  My son was woken
last week in the middle of the night with one of his large toy helicopters rotating blades spinning full
blast; this helicopter is neither mechanical, wind up, nor battery operated.  I myself think there is a child
staying here and he/she/they are welcome to, as they appear to mean no harm."
scotland picture
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