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Below you will find our extensive list of paranormal investigators, listed by State or Country .   

We are in no way connected with the following organizations or are we endorsing them.  However, we feel it necessary to try and provide a list of investigators to assist those with
ghost problems.  Use our list of paranormal investigators & find one local to you:

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United States Paranormal Investigators - States alphabetically 'N' through 'W'
Nebraska Paranormal Investigators
S.P.I.R.A.L.  - Bellevue, Nebraska group of researchers and investigators.

New Hampshire Paranormal Investigators
Ghost Quest - New Hampshire's own paranormal research society.

Dark Knights Paranormal - New Hampshire's elite ghost hunting team!

Sights Unseen Paranormal  - Based in the Monadnock region of New Hampshire, and offering free paranormal investigations for businesses, organizations, and residential clients throughout New England.

Paranormal Investigators of New England - Based out of South Burlington, Vermont PI-NE conducts all manner of paranormal investigations and has divisions in New Hampshire and Maine.

New Jersey Paranormal Investigators
Real Hauntings Paranormal Investigators - Formed in October 2005, Real Hauntings is an organization
dedicated to the scientific study and documentation of various paranormal phenomena.

SJPR - South Jersey Paranormal Research investigates scientifically and studies the evidence.

New Jersey Ghost Investigations - We investigate locations said to have paranormal activity. 

New York Paranormal Investigators
Long Island Society for Paranormal Research - LISPR is based in Long Island, but covers the tri-state
area and is a non-profit organization that was created to prove or disprove the existence of ghosts and
other unexplained phenomena.

The Long Island Ghost Hunting Duo - We have started our own ghost hunting adventures on Long Island.  
We are called The Long Island Duo...

Fulton County Paranormal Society - Using science and technology to aide in finding answers...

New York Pennsylvania Paranormal Society - We do investigations in both NY and PA.

Long Island Paranormal Investigators - We serve all of Long Island, New York City, New York State and
surrounding areas.

New York Ghost Hunting Team - NYGHT is New York's premier para-professionals! 

Ghostly Knights Paranormal Society - We conduct investigations in five burroughs of New York City.

North Carolina Paranormal Investigators
Ghost Hunters of North Carolina - Ghost hunters of North Carolina: authentic photos of spirits and
detailed first hand accounts from haunted locations in the NC & SC area.

Eastern Paranormal - Eastern Paranormal dedicated to examining paranormal phenomena, collecting
evidence and providing education and assistance to those who are experiencing phenomena they believe
to be paranormal in origin.

Piedmont Paranormal Research - Ghost investigation using both scientific and spiritual means.  Located in Charlotte, North Carolina.

North Carolina Ghost Hunters  - Non-profit paranormal team located in Rocky Mountain, NC.

3P Paranormal Investigations - Investigating paranormal activity in the western part of North Carolina. We are a non-profit organization and all of our services are free.

NC Paranormal Investigations - We investigate the paranormal in North Carolina and the surrounding
areas, but are also open to traveling to other locations.

Eastern Carolina Paranormal Investigators - Out of Goldsboro, N.C., we investigate free of charge and will travel where we need to.  Our team members love exploring the unknown.

Paranormal Detectives  - Non-profit paranormal investigators out of Fremont.  

Midnight Paranormal of North Carolina  - Investigations and a forum to discuss them.  All are welcome!

Ohio Paranormal Investigators
Haunted Heartland (e-mail: ) - Registered ghost investigator Sherri Brake-Recco
available for ghost investigations in NE Ohio area.

Ghost Hunters Ohio Search Team - a ghost hunting team based in central Ohio.

Ghost Chasers LLC - A team of spiritual mediums who investigate, document, and guarantee the clearing
of paranormal activity from your residence or property.

Walking With The Spirits - We are here for anyone who needs someone to help them with a possible
haunting. If we can not help you then we WILL find someone who can!  We do travel. We are a non-profit

S.I.G.H.T. - Spiritual Insight Ghost Hunting Team feels that using a combination of scientific and spiritual means of discovery during an investigation is equally as important in helping each client.  NE Ohio

Toledo Haunted Occurrences Research  -  THOR investigates NW Ohio.

Shadows Beyond The Grave - Cleveland area paranormal investigators group.

Munroe Falls Paranormal Society - A collective team experience of 40+ years and professional approach.

Oklahoma Paranormal Investigators
Paranormal Phenomenon Investigation - The team works in many levels using both convention and
unconventional methods.We always respect our clients,and their beliefs.

GhostOK - Oklahoma based investigators who wish to research ghost/haunting-type phenomena and to
share our research with others. 

SPIE  - Society for Paranormal Investigation and Evaluation is back strong for 2008!

Tulsa Ghost Investigators - We are a paranormal and research team founded in the spring of 2003.

Oregon Paranormal Investigators
Haunted Hunters  - We are looking for locations to investigate as well as start a community of fellow
investigators or ghost fanatics.

West Coast Ghost Hunters - Forum of paranormal investigators based out of Portland.

Pacific Northwest Paranormal Investigators
A.G.H.O.S.T. - the most advanced technical paranormal research group in the Pacific Northwest. During
paranormal investigations, our team combines hi-tech equipment with qualified psychics, research and
training for successful results.

Pennsylvania Paranormal Investigators
Central Pennsylvania Paranormal Research and Investigation - a small ghost hunting society dedicated
to investigating reported hauntings in the central PA area.

GHOST PA  - Ghost Hunters of Southern Tioga, Pennsylvania.

Hellfire Paranormal  - Pennsylvania ghost investigation group.

SPIRT of PA - Free, professional paranormal investigations in and around SE Pennsylvania, NJ, and DE.

PARA  - Philadelphia Area Research & Assistance.  We will help anyone in Philadelphia, South Jersey or the Wilmington, DE areas.

Eastern Pennsylvania Paranormal Society    - Strong, professional team is located in Bath, Pennsylvania.

Chichester Paranormal Investigators  - Pennsylvania group is expanding and growing.

S.P.R.I. - Dedicated group of paranormal investigators in the Scranton-Wilkes Barr area of PA.

SPIRITeam Paranormal Research - This SPIRITeam chapter investigates southwestern Pennsylvania.

South Carolina Paranormal Investigators
Georgetown Paranormal Society  - In and out of state investigations, plus hands on ghost tour training.

Coastal Spirit Chasers   - Investigating the coastal regions of the Carolina's since 2000.

Texas Paranormal Investigators
Texas Paranormal Research Team  - My team will investigate free of charge any hauntings in the central and west Texas areas.

Austin Paranormal Group  - A privately funded paranormal research & investigations group.

Southern Paranormal Investigations - Scientifically and psychically researching the paranormal.

Utah Paranormal Investigators
Paranormal Utah - We have been doing paranormal research in Utah since 1999. We have gathered
many interesting photos, EVPs and articles.

CCPI - We serve Western Colorado and Eastern Utah. We have been officially organized since 2004 and
do not charge for our services.

Rocky Mountain Utah Paranormal - Documenting the paranormal throughout Utah...

Northern Utah Paranormal Society - Non-profit paranormal research team located in Northern Utah.

Utah & Idaho Paranormal - A team of paranormal investigators dedicated to helping people.

Vermont Paranormal Investigators
Soul Seekers Paranormal Society - Offering free and discreet paranormal investigations to individuals, organizations, and businesses in the states of New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts.

Green Mountain Paranormal Society  - assisting people in the New England area who are experiencing unexplained events, such as hauntings, UFO sightings, and unexplained animals.

Paranormal Investigators of New England - Based out of South Burlington, Vermont PI-NE conducts all manner of paranormal investigations and has divisions in New Hampshire and Maine.

Sights Unseen Paranormal - Based in the Monadnock region of NH and Lake Champlain region of Vermont, they offer investigations throughout New England.

Virginia Paranormal Investigators
Shenandoah Valley Paranormal Society  - Based out of Staunton, VA, SVPS has been investigating and exploring haunted locations on the east coast since August, 2005.

Spirit Search of Central Virginia   - Small group trying to help people understand the paranormal better.

Ghost Writers  - A small group of individuals located in Southwest Virginia who have a sincere interest in paranormal research. All investigations undertaken by Ghost Writers are free of charge.    

Washington D.C./Baltimore Area Paranormal Investigators
Nephilim's Paranormal Investigations - Doctor Nephilim and his staff and colleagues are pleased to
make Nephilim Investigations available to all!

Washington Paranormal Investigators
A.P.A.R.T. of Washington - Auburn Paranormal Activities Research Team committed to scientifically
investigating and documenting paranormal evidence in any form it presents itself.

Washington State Paranormal Investigations & Research - WSPIR is a skilled paranormal investigation and research organization committed to seeking scientific and metaphysical evidence...  

West Virginia

Wisconsin Paranormal Investigators
Paranormal Research Investigations - The main mission of this organization is to research and
investigate paranormal phenomena.  We take requests seriously.

Lakeshore Paranormal Investigators - Manitowoc ghost investigators group first looks for logical explanations, before deeming findings as ghosts.

Paranormal Investigators by United States 'A' through 'M'
Paranormal Investigators in Other Countries

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What are Paranormal Investigators?
Paranormal Investigators are local groups (sometimes with National or even International affiliations) who are typically devoted to investigating reports of hauntings, in an attempt to determine what is going on in a location.  Paranormal Investigators will typically use different types of equipment to try and capture evidence of the haunting, such as EVP, photo and video imagery.

The experience, equipment, as well as technical know-how will vary from each group of Paranormal Investigators, often times due to the time it takes to accumulate understanding and monies needed to be able to provide a thorough investigation.  Be sure and check into the background of your local Paranormal Investigation group, and never pay money for what should be a free service.  This field is full of novices, but good ghost investigators of the paranormal are out there.


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