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Snapshots of Ghosts!
Snapshots of Ghosts
The snapshots of ghosts found on this page
are thumbnail previews sent into Angels &
Ghosts for our review. One of them made
International attention recently when a little
boy took some snapshots at a wedding and
found he had captured a female ghost
hovering above the dance floor! To view
each ghost snapshot better, select the
caption or thumbnail to see it enlarged and
read the ghost story!
Ghostly Faces Highway Ghost
Ghostly Faces                         Highway Ghost
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Ghostly Skull Horse Spirit Trans Allegheny Asylum
Ghostly Skull                              Horse Spirit                 Trans Allegheny Asylum
Wedding Ghost
Wedding Ghost
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Ghost Looking In Window Ghost Dogs
Ghost Looking in Window                Ghost Dogs
Submit Ghost Pictures!
Each month, Angels & Ghosts publishes snapshots of
, sent to us by our viewers and friends, as well as other
interesting ghost snapshots that appear on the world wide web
when we are able to do so. Every thumbnail photos of ghosts
found above may be selected to learn more about them and
see the snapshot enlarged.
Do you have solid evidence of ghosts? Send your
pictures of ghosts to us
, and we might post them for others
to see. Because pictures of ghosts are often debated, it is up
to the viewer to decide if they are indeed real.
Angels & Ghosts!
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