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Spirit & Ghost Communication Image
Buy a ghost box or an audio recorder to communicate with ghosts and spirits via EVP.

Some of our "Frank's Box" style of ghost communication devices are hard to come by, so our inventory of ghost boxes for sale is constantly changing based upon supply and demand.
The ghost box is the absolute best way to talk with ghosts and spirits. (We recommend using an audio recorder in conjunction with the ghost box to record disembodied EVP.)
Full Spectrum Cameras Image
Unique, inexpensive full spectrum cameras for sale for ghost hunting!

Our full spectrum ghost hunting cameras are the absolute best way to capture ghosts and spirits during investigations because they can see well beyond the human range of sight.

See ghost pictures from our customers taken with our full spectrum cameras!
Books About Ghosts, Angels & Spirits Image
Books for sale to help with your understanding of ghosts, spirit communication and paranormal investigation. Some titles are antique or rare, vintage books for the collector.

Explore "spirited" book topics, such as haunting, helping ghosts, spirituality, metaphysical studies, ghost research, and encounters with angels.

Grow your spiritual and paranormal book library!
Ghost Detection Image
Products for Sale for Detecting Ghosts During Ghost Investigation

Need help to detect a ghost? These items will help you with ghost detection from lasers to EMF meters!