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Ghost Hunting Tips

Ghost Hunting Tips and Help
Enjoy our selection of ghost hunting tips, including information and articles that explain how different ghost investigation tools are used.

Ghost Hunting Tips: Ghost Investigation
How to Ghost Hunt Learn the basics of ghost hunting.

Ghost Hunting Tips: Articles About Photographing Ghosts and Ghost Photography
Ghost Hunting Cameras Learn the benefits of cameras that do not need to use the flash element.
Ghost Hunting Cameras and Night Vision Some cameras with night vision are still filtered and not good for ghost hunting.
Full Spectrum Camera Learn how full spectrum cameras work and why they are better for ghost investigation.
Full Spectrum Cameras: Customer Testimonies Customer testimonials...
Infrared Cameras An explanation of how an Infrared camera works and what can be done with it.
Buy a Cheap Infrared Camera Why our Infrared cameras are lower cost but still work great!
Ghosts Camera Tips on how you can convert your own camera for ghost hunting.
Ghost Hunting Camera We look at an easy and inexpensive ghost investigation set-up for recording ghost photographs.
Full Spectrum Lighting Low cost AC-powered lighting you can make yourself gives incredible illumination.
Infrared Illuminator & IR Lights Battery powered or rechargeable versions of the IR light? We explore the differences...
Photographing Ghosts Using a tripod and lengthened exposure with your full spectrum camera to capture apparitions.
Ghost Pictures & Exif Data How to examine hidden photograph data to determine whether or not a ghost photo is real.
Coast to Coast AM Ghost Pictures Photographs taken with our full spectrum cameras have been featured on this popular website!
Full Spectrum Camera Ghost Pictures Take a look at some results from people using our ghost hunting cameras!

Ghost Hunting Tips: Recording Audio of Ghosts and Ghost Communication
How to Talk to Ghosts Learn tips for successful ghost communication sessions.
TV Shows & the Ghost Box Today, ghost investigators are finally embracing the Frank's Box (Spirit Box, Ghost Box).
How to Make a Ghost Box An older article about how you can do it yourself.
The Ghost Box How the ghost box was invented and became popular among ghost investigators.
Best Ghost EVP Recorder We look at the best audio recorders and methods to record ghost voices.
Baby Monitor & Ghosts Using audio monitors to potentially hear ghosts.