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Full Spectrum Pocket Camera: Only $59.99 plus shipping!
Pocket-sized but incredibly clear photos from our small, lightweight, inexpensive full spectrum camera!

This is a new pocket-sized, full spectrum camera for sale that we've converted to see in the dark when used with Infrared lighting (IR light not included). Unaltered, stock, digital cameras are filtered to see the visible light spectrum. The alteration performed on this camera allows its "eye" to see the Near Ultraviolet, Visible, and Near Infrared ranges!

Our pocket model is one of the lowest cost, inexpensive full spectrum camera conversions you will likely find on the market. We have not seen a cheaper price for a ghost hunting camera that can "see in the dark" with
Infrared light and take quality full spectrum photographs!

Normally, a digital camera sees approximately 340-750nm. The full spectrum camera is converted, allowing it to see a maximum potential of about 330nm Near UV to 1200nm Near Infrared. The full spectrum camera has expanded eyesight, capable of seeing beyond what the human eye can see. Because our full spectrum camera's lens is altered, it will not produce digital photographs in normal colors. This camera is 5.1 megapixels: It has exceptional clarity when used with Infrared lighting in the dark!

Full spectrum cameras are better than stock cameras when used for ghost hunting. When it's dark, (ghosts seem to prefer darkness as cover), the camera should be used with an Infrared or full spectrum light source (battery-powered or A/C-powered Infrared illuminator) with the flash turned off. Humans cannot see the Infrared light, but the camera will; it will look like daytime to the camera and normally pitch black environments will become illuminated to you! Because the camera's flash unit is not needed when an IR light is used, photographs containing dust orbs, moisture droplets and insects will become greatly reduced. Also, flash reflection is eliminated and shadows are greatly reduced. Also, the camera can be used in a normal exposure setting instead of requiring lengthened shutter speed; this greatly reduces odd light bars, haze and the potential for moving objects to look "see-through."

Low Cost Full Spectrum Pocket Camera Details:
This full spectrum pocket camera for ghost investigation does not come with an SD memory card (available on eBay or from electronics stores). You will need an SD memory card to store pictures taken by the camera. The pocket camera runs on 2 AAA batteries (not included).

If you want the option to take only Infrared photographs, then purchase our
IR Pass filter kit that will allow you to easily convert it, back and forth, from Infrared camera to Full Spectrum!

CONDITION: New. Black in color. All of our full spectrum cameras are tested after conversion to ensure proper operation. The 5.1 megapixel Pocket Camera Conversion is an easy to use and affordable digital camera with smaller LCD screen. It is very compact and lightweight and comes with basic settings.

Pocket Camera Specifications:
- Product Type: Digital camera - compact
- Red Eye Reduction: Yes
- Flash Modes; Fill-in mode, auto mode, flash OFF mode, red-eye reduction
- Camera Flash: Built-in flash
- Still Image Format: JPEG
- Digital Video Format: AVI
- White Balance: Automatic
- Exposure Compensation: ±2 EV range, in 1/3 EV steps
- Exposure Modes: Program, automatic
- Min Shutter Speed: 1/2 sec
- Max Shutter Speed: 1/2000 sec
- Light Sensitivity: ISO auto
- Effective Sensor Resolution: 5,100,000 pixels
- Optical Sensor Type: CMOS
- Resolution: 5.1 Megapixel
- Digital Zoom: 8 x
- Shooting Modes: Frame movie mode
- Supported Battery Details: 2 x AAA
- Weight 2.8 oz
- Height 2.4 in
- Depth 0.8 in
- Width 3.3 in
- Tripod Mount
- Supported Flash Memory: SD Memory Card, SDHC Memory Card
- Integrated Memory: 16 MB ( SDRAM )
- Display Form Factor: Built-in, LCD, 1.8" - color

Your Price: $59.99