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EMF Meter to Detect Ghosts

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For Sale: Ghost Investigation EMF Meter: $36.99 plus shipping
Our ghost investigation EMF meter is just as sensitive as the KII meters that are popular, but it's less expensive and works well in many ghost investigation scenarios. Because it has a volume control, you can silence this EMF meter while recording ghost audio (EVP). And some like to use our EMF meter, like the KII EMF meter, for ghost communication by waiting for responses after asking questions. Meter spikes and light up are used to indicate "yes" answers to questions.

How the EMF Works
This device lights up like a Christmas tree when there are fluctuations in electromagnetic fields - 3 different strengths are indicated (it also beeps during spikes). We have found it to be calibrated to work much better than other EMF meters that are not designed for ghost hunting. It works very well in low-light conditions and with one hand.

Ghost Investigation EMF Meter Details:
Our EMF Meter of choice for ghost investigation ignores subtle fluctuations in EMF emissions but seems to detect energy changes in haunted environments quite well.

This device does not come with a warranty or guarantee of ghost detection. It is brand new. Make sure you understand how the EMF meter is to be used. We recommend turning off your cell phone while using this device as it will pick up cell tower communications that may interfere.

Ghost Investigation EMF Meter Key Features:
- Brand New
- Volume control (meter can be silenced for EVP work)
- Flashing LED lights
- Signal strength indicating needle-meter.

Your Price: $36.99