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12-469 Shack Hack

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12-469 Ghost Box "Shack Hack" Radio for Sale: $129 plus shipping

Hard to Find - Sweeps Bands for EVP!
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This is a vintage Radio Shack AM/FM radio that has been altered to continuously sweep either band. The audio noise it generates increases the amount of ghost and spirit voices (EVP) that can be heard audibly and recorded.The professionally altered radio creates raw audio and white noise to bring ghost voices through!

This highly desirable ghost box radio conversion causes the AM or FM bands to be swept through continously, creating raw audio fragments and white noise. This allows you to hear, out loud, messages from ghosts or spirits. You can also record the EVP when the ghost box is used along with an audio recorder (not included). (It is well known by ghost investigators that Electronic Voice Phenomena messages are more frequently recorded when white noise is generated during recording sessions.) The ghost box truly bridges the gap between this world and the spirit world.

The alteration was performed on a pre-owned Radio Shack radio and re-assembled. This is one of the hard to find, original "Radio Shack Hack" versions of the Frank's box; it does not have the speaker built-in. You will need to use it in conjunction with an amplified speaker. The 12-469 Shack Hack ghost box produces a smooth, clean sweep at the perfect rate and without any ticking like some later models.

We recommend using an audio recorder (digital preferred) in order to capture and review messages. It is also possible to hear messages "live" within the audio by using earbuds or amplified speaker. We also recommend the use of an inexpensive (or free) audio editing program (such as Audacity or Wavepad) and headphones for editing sound files.

12-469 Ghost Box Shack Hack Details:
The radio can still be used as a normal AM/FM radio. It runs on 3 AAA batteries (not included). This device does not come with a warranty or guarantee. We test each ghost box radio conversion fully to make certain it functions properly.

- Sleek lightweight design and LCD displayAM/FM bands with fast sweep of either.
- This is a pre-owned, vintage radio.
- Amplified speaker
is not included with the radio!

Your Price: $129.00