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Super Infrared Illuminator

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Super Infrared Illuminator for Ghost Hunting: $98.99 plus shipping
Buy an Infrared LED light that is big and powerful!

Giant, hand-built Infrared light for sale with 10mm IR LED bulbs (instead of the smaller 5mm), especially designed for use in larger environments where smaller Infrared lights fall short. What makes this Infrared light unique is that it runs off of two 9-volt batteries and has dual on/off switches. This means that the light can be reduced to only 8 (instead of 16 for full power) Infrared LEDs for smaller rooms. Larger rooms can be lit up incredibly well, with some reporting they have been able to use the light for distances of 120 feet!

Photos at Left:
With a mounting bar, the Super Infrared light works well with a camera or camcorder mounted beside it. Notice how the light dwarfs our full spectrum camera and has two switches from which to choose. All 16 Infrared LEDs may be turned on with both switches engaged, or just one set of 8 can be chosen for lighting of smaller spaces. We've also provided a photograph taken with a full spectrum camera in a room about 50 feet long. Notice how the light easily illuminates the entire area.

Super Infrared Light Details:
- The Super IR Illuminator runs on two 9-volt batteries (not included) and does not come with a mounting bracket.
- Light box is 5" long x 2.5" wide x 2" deep (LED bulbs, and switches).

- We have not tested battery life.
- Buyer should note that this IR light is powerful and may not work well in small rooms due to its brightness.
- This is hand-built for the
Angels & Ghosts Store.The Super Infrared Illuminator does not come with a warranty as it is experimental and hand-built.

Your Price: $98.99