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9.1 mp Infrared Camera for Artistic Photography or Ghost Hunting: $98.99 plus shipping

Just point and shoot with our inexpensive Infrared camera. But don't be fooled - this IR camera comes with a lot of nice features, various settings and takes great photos!

Brand new, point and shoot, lightweight camera has been converted to see the Infrared spectrum. Our Infrared camera has an optical IR pass filter installed inside the camera and overtop of the lens to filter out white light but allows Infrared light to pass through it to the camera's sensor. Switching the white balance settings on this camera enables photographs to be taken outdoors in hues of blue, violet or red! Take great Infrared photographs easily. (Chart at left shows the range of Near Infrared seen by our IR camera.)

At left, you can see three Infrared photos taken with different camera settings yielded hue changes without using an art program. Colors range from blue to red! Due to the beautiful photographs they produce, Infrared cameras are typically costly to purchase or have altered, making this camera an inexpensive and excellent buy! (For more information, see:
Infrared Cameras)

Infrared Camera Details:
Our Infrared camera does not come with an SD memory card. (You will need an SD memory card to store pictures taken by the camera.) A USB cable is included along with the owner's manual and manufacturer's software. The digital Infrared camera runs on 3 AAA batteries (not included).

The camera does not come with a warranty or guarantee. We take returns but only if it is defective and within two weeks from the purchase date; make certain you understand how this camera is to be used. CONDITION: Brand new.
Comes in teal or silver color (our choice). The 9.1 megapixel Infrared camera is converted using a Vivitar stock camera - making it easy to use and affordable. Our point and shoot Infrared camera is a small, lightweight camera with a nice array of settings. We test each camera fully after its conversion, ensuring it performs as it should.

Above Video:
Different white balance settings with our Infrared camera create varying hues of color - spectacular and easy-to-do!

Infrared Camera Specifications:
Resolution: 9.1 Megapixel
LCD: 1.8" TFT
Built-In Memory: 8MB SDR(Buffer)
External MemorySD card: (Upto 32GB)
Mic: Analog Mic
Lens: Fix Focus Lens
Digital Zoom: 4x
Flash Light: IGBT
Flash Range: 1~2 m
Battery: 3x AAA (1.5v)
Tripod Mount: Yes
USB Interface: USB 2.0 (FS)
Image Format: JPEG
Image Resolution:
3456x2592 (9MP In.) 4:3
3264x2448 (8MP) 4:3
2592x1944 (5MP) 4:3
2048x1536 (3MP) 4:3
640x480 (VGA) 4:3
3648x2048 (7MP) 16:9 HD
1920x1080 (2MP) 16:9 HD
White Balance Settings
Internal IR Pass Filter
Video Format: AVI (With Audio)
Video Resolution:
640x480 (VGA)
320x240 (QVGA)
Dimensions: 7.25x9.25x1.25
Weight: 0.67 lbs

Your Price: $98.99