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Rechargeable Infrared Light

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Rechargeable LED Infrared Light for Ghost Hunting: $57.99 plus shipping
Need more power? Buy and connect several of these rechargeable Infrared lights. They illuminate dark environments for our full spectrum and Infrared cameras.

This Infrared light is perfect for ghost hunting, especially if you are only taking photographs for up to an hour. It's rechargeable battery powers 36 - 5mm IR LED lights to bring plenty of illumination for our full spectrum cameras. You can purchase multiple lights for more time or more power (these lights can hook together and be used in conjunction with one another). This IR light works well in small - larger rooms.

Left: The rechargeable Infrared light comes with an A/C charger and bracket to mount the light and a camera or camcorder. The photograph taken with a full spectrum camera using the rechargeable Infrared light in a room about 50 feet long. Notice how the light easily illuminates the entire area.

Rechargeable Infrared Light Details:
The rechargeable IR light runs on an enclosed rechargeable battery. It comes with a mounting bracket and A/C charger. The square light is 2" long x 2" wide x 1" deep (excluding bracket and switch). On/off switch is on the back of the light.

- Battery life between charges lasts approximately 45-60 minutes according to the manufacturer.
- Buyer should note that this IR light is powerful and gives excellent lighting with our full spectrum cameras.
- These lights can snap together to build a larger light. Top and both the left and right sides will accept the hot shoe of another rechargeable light to make one big IR light for ghost hunting!

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