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1883 Society for Psychical Research Book

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We obtained a rare book from the London-based Society for Psychical Research. It's dated April 1883 (the SPR was formed in 1882), and it comes directly from our ghost research collection!

What makes this book important is that it contains the first report of the committee on "Haunted Houses" among other reports from the various committees (another interesting article subject included in this same book is on "thought transference").

Book Details:1883 SOCIETY FOR PSYCHICAL RESEARCH 100+/- pages Occult , Theosophy Paranormal Proceedings of The Society For Psychical Research. Published April 1883 by Kegan Paul,Trubner & Co , London, 100 +/- pages, soft cover, approx. 5.5" X 8.25" in size, front cover has stamp of Sidney B. Perkins (one of its founding members) , some cover wear, otherwise in good condition.

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