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1889 Society for Psychical Research Book

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Hard-to-find, antique ghost book from the London-based Society for Psychical Research. It's dated June 1889 (the SPR began in the year 1882, so this is an early book).

What makes this book important is that it contains a report entitled, "On Apparitions Occuring Soon After Death" - a collaboration between two members (one who died before it could be finished and the other completing it) among other reports about interesting topics, such as "Recent Experiments in Crystal Vision" and "Automatic Writing." Great ghost book for the collector of paranormal literature!

Book Details: 1889 SOCIETY FOR PSYCHICAL RESEARCH 200+/- pages Occult , Theosophy Paranormal
Proceedings of Society of The Society For Psychical Research. Published June 1889 by Kegan Paul,Trubner & Co , London, 200 +/- pages, soft cover, approximately measuring 5.5" X 8.25" in size, front cover has stamp of Sidney B. Perkins (one of its founding members), some cover wear, otherwise in good condition.

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