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Full Spectrum Camcorder $94.99 plus shipping
Full Spectrum Ghost Hunting Camcorder Can See in the Dark to Record Photos and Video!

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Full Spectrum Camcorder Brand New Conversion
Our pocket-size camcorder has a big 2.4” LCD screen (bigger than most full spectrum camcorders) that works well for ghost investigation. It also has a tripod mount and takes a micro SD card (not included). It runs off of only two AA batteries. Using it with an Infrared light will allow the camcorder to see in the dark for ghost hunting – it can see in pitch black environments if a battery-powered or AC-powered light is used.

Most camcorders see just the visible spectrum only (340-750nm), being filtered to see only what human beings see in normal color. Our full spectrum camcorder is converted, allowing it so see its maximum potential of sight – seeing the visible spectrum as well as the Near Ultraviolet and Near Infrared. Its eyesight (a 5.1 CMOS) can see approximately 330nm-1200nm.

Our cameras and camcorders can truly capture what we see and see what we cannot! The chart at left shows the range of the human eye and how full spectrum takes advantage of the camera's maximum potential eyesight. If your camcorder can see more, then you have a better chance of recording ghosts and spirits!

Full spectrum camcorders can truly capture what we see and see what we cannot! Do not confuse a full spectrum camcorder with camcorders that have “night vision.” It’s simply not the same. Camcorders that have a night shot setting are not full spectrum. They simply have a built-in IR light that allows them to capture a small range of Near Infrared. The lens is still filtered and not able to see a broader range of light like our full spectrum camcorders.

Full Spectrum Camcorder Details:
Please note that full spectrum camcorders cannot video record or photograph images in normal colors due to their ability to see multi-ranges of light. Also, zoom for video is not that fantastic, so using the full spectrum camcorder without zoom is recommended. Also, the stronger the IR light that is used, the clearer the photographs and video.

Our full spectrum camcorders can also take full spectrum photos up to 12.1mp. It should be used without flash and either in daylight or Infrared lighting in dark, night time settings. This will reduce the amount of false anomalies such as orbs, flash reflections of light and more.

Full Spectrum Camcorder's Specifications:
- Color: A color choice is not offered due to the popularity of this model - sorry. It will either be red, silver or black.
- Large 2.4-inch LCD monitor rotates 270 degrees This Screen is Bigger than Most Competitive Models that are 2.0"!
- Pocket-size: 4" x 2" x 0.8" inches (H x W x D); lightweight: 4 oz
- USB mass storage disk, built in microphone and speaker
- Comes with cables to connect via USB or to a TV monitor
- Comes with a built-in tripod mount. (Not found on some competitive models.)
- Does not come with batteries or Micro SD card (both required)
- Does not come with an Infrared light source (required for night vision)
- Does not come with a warranty (we will take returns within two weeks for items that are defective only).

Manufacturer's Specifications for the Camcorder Before Full Spectrum Conversion:
- Size: (LxWxH) 107.8 x 32.8 x 69.5 mm
- Function: digital camcorder, digital still camera, removable DISK driver, AV OUT
- Sensor: 5.0 megapixels CMOS (effective Pixels: 2560 x 1920)
- Video Image Resolution D1: 720 X 480
- VGA 640 x 480
- QVGA 320 x 240
- Video frame rate: 30fps @ D1 with sound
- 30fps@ VGA with sound
- 30fps@ QVGA with sound
- Internal NAND flash memory N/A
- Capacity Based on 1GB Micro SD card, the quantity of picture varies and depends on the scene complexity
- VGA 640 x 480
- 3.0 M (2048 x 1536)
- 5.0M (2560 x 1920)
- 8.0M (3264 x 2448)
- 12M (3920 x 2940, hardware interpolation)
- External memory card: micro SD card, up to 16GB
- File format picture: JPEG, video: motion;
- LCD monitor: color 2.4 TFT LCD (Resolution: 480 RGB*234)
- Lens: F/2.8 f=8.5mm
- Focus range: 0.8m to infinity; macro: 11-18 cm
- Digital zoom: 8X (not recommended for full spectrum video)
- Image playback: single/thumbnail
- Auto power-off: 1 Minute/ 3 Minutes
- Self timer 10S
- Flash strobe Built-in (auto/force/off) (flash type: SCR without red-eye-reduction) (not recommended for full spectrum use)
- ISO: Auto
- White balance: Auto/Sunny/Cloudy/Tungsten/Fluorescent (This can be used to change the hue of the full spectrum photos.)
- Exposure compensation: -2.0 EV ~ +2.0 EV in 0.3 step
- Shutter speed: 1/8 to 1/4000 seconds
- USB Port: USB 2.0 - high Speed
AV-out type NTSC/PAL (Per USB & TV Out composite cable)
Support system Driver free to download for Windows XP/Vista and MAC10.4 or above
- Power source: 2 AA batteries; battery life for video recording: 55 minutes
- Languages: S-Chinese/T-Chinese/English/German/Italian/Portuguese/French/Spanish/Japanese

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